Analog Filmmaking



The analog and digital film production programs at The New School offer a unique opportunity for students to learn the process of filmmaking in an independent atmosphere. We believe students who learn to take full responsibility for their projects have the best chance of success in filmmaking. In order to check-out equipment from the Film Production Office, ALL STUDENTS MUST:

  • Pick up and return equipment at the designated times. Please arrive 15 minutes before picking up or arriving to provide the proper amount of time for checking equipment.
  • Take responsibility for the welfare of production equipment while it is in their possession
    • If the equipment returns damaged upon return, the student will be held accountable for any damage costs assessed, and/or replacement of items lost
  • Attend class and be in good academic standing
    • Any student with three or more absences will be denied access to equipment and facilities
  • Complete the Bolex Written and Practical Tests
    • All students MUST PASS in order to check-out equipment
  • Be responsible for their own film stock and film processing, including titles
  • Be currently registered at The New School
    • Students can only use equipment assigned to the class


Full Equipment List

Bolex Kit List

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