Please see our most frequently asked questions below.

What is the difference between the Media Studies Film Office and the Equipment Center (EQC) at 55 West 13th Street?

The M.S. Film Office offers specialized equipment with a focus on Video Production: Analog/Film and Digital. This equipment is limited and therefore only available to students and faculty participating in our specific courses. 

The EQC provides a variety of general use equipment to any student or faculty member throughout The New School University.

Who can check out equipment from the Film Office?

Students that are currently enrolled in specific classes in the Media Studies program have access to equipment.

These classes include: Filmmaking Studio 1, Film 2, Film 4, Digital Video Production*, Documentary Production Workshop*, Experiments in 16mm Filmmaking, Advanced Experimental Film, and Independent Study.
*(certificate students only)

Where are you located?

6 E 16th Street,
6th Floor, Room 608
New York, NY 10003

How can I contact you?

Via email:

MSFilmOffice@newschool.edu - for general or analog/film equipment ("16mm")
MSFilmSyncManager@newschool.edu- for digital equipment ("Sync") 

Via phone: 

212-229-5800 (ext.4230)

What are your hours of operation?

Monday - Thursday: 8am to 10pm
Friday: 8am to 5pm
Saturday: 12pm to 5pm
Sunday: CLOSED

Please consider that the Building Hours and Academic Calendar may affect our business hours.

What equipment do you have?

Depending on the class you are registered in, you will have access to a specialized equipment list. 

Every class varies, so please refer to your student handbook for a guide to your designated course equipment.

Is there a grace period for equipment check outs/check-ins?

No. If you are more than 15 minutes late to your check out or check-in, you will be charged a late fine and unable to reserve equipment again until it is paid. 

If an emergency is preventing you from making your scheduled time slot, please alert the Film Office immediately.

Can I return equipment earlier than my scheduled time?

Unfortunately, no. Check-ins take time to process and we have limited space and personnel to assist you.  

You may call in advance to see if the Film Office can accommodate an earlier check-in time, though it is not guaranteed. 

Can I extend my equipment check out?

No. You must return equipment at your scheduled time to avoid a late fine. 

Please always be punctual and respect your fellow students who also need access to equipment.

How can I reserve the 609/610 studio?

To request studio time or another classroom space for a student project, please fill out this form at least 2 weeks in advance.