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[Eyebeam Presents] #ArtsTech: Digital Conservation and Archiving, Christiane Paul

On Wednesday, June 13, Christiane Paul will be presenting and participating in a round table discussion at Eyebeam, presented by Eyebeam and #ArtsTech.

From the event website:

“Over the years, we at #ArtsTech have spent a lot of time discussing the benefits of going digital–getting projects, collections and catalogs up online so that they can better connect with audiences, become more accessible and discoverable, and perhaps even better contextualized in cross-institutional educational resources like Google Art Project.

But digital is a temperamental mistress that is susceptible to the rapidly changing whims of technology, making formats and standards obsolete faster than they can become fully integrated. It’s time we took a look at what digital means for conservation and archiving. What are we in danger of losing? Is there a “best practices” approach? And what are the unique challenges (and potential solutions) faced by conservators and archivists working in the digital space?”


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