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Intern needed for a feature-length, experimental documentary

Intern needed for a feature-length, experimental documentary about homosexuality, family secrets, and the Catholic Church. Utilizing mostly archival and found footage (8mm, video) as well as new material shot on HD, the film explores my uncle’s deathbed repentance of his gay lifestyle in 1987, and the impact this event has had on me and my family. Influential/relevant films include: Alan Berliner’s Nobody’s Business, Su Friedrich’s Sink or Swim, Jay Rosenblatt’s Phantom Limb, Chris Marker’s Sans Soleil, Jonathan Caouette’s Tarnation, Hollis Frampton’sNostalgia, etc…


  • scan and catalog slides and stills
  • log and organize footage
  • transcribe interviews
  • background research


  • final cut pro 7 proficient
  • excellent organizational skills

If interested, please send a resume and short description of why you want to work on this project to Cecilia Aldarondo (director) I am looking for someone clever/artistic/punctual/committed. In your email, please tell me (a) what kind of films you are into and (b) what your fantasy project is, so I can see if we are a good match. Big bonus to those interested in experimental and avant-garde film, as well as fluent Spanish speakers.