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Media Studies faculty Research Assistant (Paid)

Research Assistant needed to research and gather digital imagery that  addresses representation of “the animal” and human “animality” in and through media.

Apply to this position via the New School’s job board:

Through an examination of historical and contemporary philosophical inquiry on the human/animal divide, the Research Assistant will compile and analyze examples of animals figuring in human history through media, first as basic utilities then extending to instances of human adoption of animal characteristics.

Applicants for the position should be interested in the ways in which humans refer to, relate with, represent, fear and revere animals, and focus upon instances where human animality is embodied and projected through media.

The central thesis of this research aims towards an assertion that the denial and disavowal of animality in the human is explored and enacted through the creation of media representations of the animal.

Minimum Qualifications: My request is for a student who is both savvy with media production and interested in the topic(s) of representation, media, culture, history and philosophy to assist in further image search and online (website/blog creation to serve as a presentation and teaching resource.

Required technical skills include:

  • proficiencies with internet and online database searches
  • attention to copywrite information
  • proficiencies with digital image and video file management
  • proficiencies with HTML and WordPress