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Call for Proposals: City as Studio Associate Fellowship


Sarai-CSDS City as Studio Associate Fellowship in:

1. Contemporary Art and Cultural Practice

Fellowship amount INR 60,000 for six months, with a fully covered and compulsory studio-residency of five weeks in Delhi between January and February 2013. We will support fourteen fellowships.

2. Non-Fiction Writing

Fellowship amount INR 80,000 for seven months, an additional travel grant of INR 40,000, with a fully covered and compulsory studio-residency of two weeks in Delhi between January and February 2013. We will support four fellowships.

The proposals need to contain a note (of minimum four pages) sketching an idea that the applicant would like to embark on. A profile along with two samples of works should accompany the proposal. Last date of submission is Monday, 1st October, 2012.

The Sarai Programme ( at Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi, invites proposals for fellowships under its City as Studio process. The City as Studio fellowship seeks to bring contemporary artistic, literary and cultural practice into the contentious, active space of today’s urbanity and has over the last two years created contexts for high intensity inter-disciplinary processes in Delhi. The studio process have brought together artists, urbanists, educationists, writers, cultural workers, neighbourhood initiatives and diverse audiences to create art works, participatory performances, media works, salons, transmissions of different kinds of signals and imaginative festive events. Logs of earlier editions may be downloaded from:

The third edition of City as Studio will be nested within the context of Sarai Reader 09: The Exhibition, curated by the Raqs Media Collective, and a collaboration between Devi Art Foundation, Gurgaon, and Sarai-CSDS. Sarai Reader 09 is a contemporary art exhibition process that opened on 18th August, 2012 and will run till 16th April, 2013 at the Devi Art Foundation, Gurgaon. The exhibition will bring new works to the public, and generate a desire for an engaging vocabulary of, and ways of practicing and thinking about, art.

1. Associate Fellowship In Contemporary Art and Cultural Practice

In the spirit of Sarai Reader 09, we look forward to the production of a wide range of shared and experimental methodologies and personal journeys that can be activated in a variety of ways through the third edition of City as Studio. Proposals are invited to imagine practice in a fresh and rigorous way, inaugurate newer directions and interrogate discursive frames and practice. The questions that animate this edition are around the corporeal and imaginative questions around sensations of thinking and its relation to an artistic sensibility. We are interested in a situation of co-habitation of the discursive and aesthetic, where the work of art is not separate from its research and making, and artistic practices and actors come together in space and conversation.

Applicants may be contemporary artists/practitioners working within any medium, such as video, photography, installation, animation, architecture, sound, performance, textual arts and the intersections of art and software, science and other areas of practice. The artists and practitioners who are selected will work in dialogue with Sarai Reader 09.

2. Associate Fellowship In Non-Fiction Writing

This year we also inaugurate a special focus on the art and practice of non-fiction writing and literary journalism as part of the ‘City as Studio’ process. This comes from our recognition of the dynamism that long-form non-fiction writing, combining investigation, reportage, memoir and the personal essay has come to acquire in recent years in writing in the English language in India. From 2002 to 2007, Sarai’s Independent Fellowship Programme acted as a catalyst for the non-fiction genre – generating, for instance, the remarkable work of Aman Sethi (‘A Free Man’), Naresh Fernandes (‘Taj Mahal Foxtrot’), and Basharat Peer (‘Curfewed Night’) among others.

The third edition of City as Studio invites submissions from writers, journalists and others with a specific intent to support serious engagement with the practice of literary non-fiction.

Applicants are invited to propose specific ideas that outline a non-fiction writing project – these can take different forms – ranging from the philosophical to the personal to the whimsical to the speculative to the engaged to the intensely observational. We are looking for an engagement that is rigorous and innovative, to proposals that offer a clear outline of the process that the writer intends to follow and a desire to inaugurate new forms and genres of literary practice.

We expect the fellow to travel for either research or to immerse herself in different milieus – be they in the field, difficult locations or in the archive – and undertake new experiences. We are looking for a quest for adventures with ideas and words and a commitment to make writing a public form, capable of robust discussion. The selected writers will be required to present ‘work in progress’ to their peers (artists, writers and others involved in the ‘City as Studio’ process). Applications are invited for writing in English only.


Anyone above the age of 21 with a bank account and a PAN number in India can apply for this fellowship. The residency period will be in Delhi, and artists will work at the Devi Art Foundation, Gurgaon. This is a compulsory part of the City as Studio process.

Send the application by post to –

City as Studio, Sarai-CSDS, 29, Rajpur Road, Delhi 110054, India.