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Racial and Cultural Legibility in Contemporary Abstraction, September 20


Thursday, September 20th, 6:30pm

Racial and Cultural Legibility in Contemporary Abstraction

The James Gallery


Katherine Carl, Curator, James Gallery, Graduate Center, CUNY, Moderator

Lisa Corinne Davis, Art Painting & Combined Media, Hunter College, CUNY

Jiha Moon, Artist

Odili Donald Odita, Fine Art, Tyler School of Art, Temple University


How are artists today addressing visual constructions of culture and race in ways that re-work the boundaries of abstraction, text, and figuration? In particular, what role does the integration of abstraction with images from popular culture play in this process? And how does our familiarity with—or misunderstanding of—cultural icons operate in the current flow of information across the globe? How are the various histories of abstraction in America, Africa, Europe, and Asia erased or re-invented in this type of contemporary art? Join a group of internationally distinguished artists as they consider these intriguing questions in relation to their own work and to that of others.