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Sound Research – Research Assistant (Paid)

Sound Research at the New School

Please send expressions of interest and CVs to John Roach:

The New School Sound Research Group is seeking graduate research assistants to help with a variety of research, development and design projects.  We are looking for motivated, self-directed individuals who are interested in exploring sound as a transdisciplinary practice and area of study. Areas of research will be outlined below.

The RAs will assist with research of sound-related courses, programs, and other resources at TNS and at other local universities; and will help to identify key national and international projects that reflect TNS’s approach to sound as an area of transdisciplinary praxis. The RAs will also design, build, and maintain an online collection of relevant resources and an archive of sound material created at TNS; and will help with the planning and hosting of sound symposia and speaker series at TNS.

The group is looking for two research assistants:

Each will work for approximately 8 hours a week (tasks are outlined below)

The research assistant rate is $17/hr


  • Applicants must be graduate students.
  • Strong research, design, and digital resource management skills are required.
  • Assistant must be able to work collaboratively with another assistant, sharing tasks, and with a team of faculty project directors.


  1. Research courses, projects, or research groups outside of the New School – within the New York metropolitan area, around the country, and internationally – that touch on areas of sound studies and practice that cut across disciplines.(e.g., Crisap, Cresson).
  2. Work with faculty project directors to conduct primary research – e.g., interviewing sound researchers and practitioners – as needed.
  3. Work with faculty collaborators to construct a bibliography / mediagraphy of resources that reflect TNS’s particular approach to sound studies and practice.

Design and implement an online resource for the work of the research group

  1. Research platforms and tools to convey research and organize information (such as bibliographies, URLs, video content, and sound libraries)
  2. Work with the research group to design the onlineresource  (Reviewing available platforms such as Soundcloud, WordPress, Tumblr, etc)
  3. Develop an implementation workflow for the the group’s online resources (for example, a procedure for the submission of audio deliverables created at The New School)
  4. Contact faculty teaching courses that involve audio and communicate the aims of the archive as well as the procedure for submission. (aims: online receptacle for sound projects. Possible juried exhibition focused on the work of the research group)
  5. Implement the online resources.

Symposium/Speaker series

  1. Help to develop a speaker series or symposium around the topics proposed by the group The Sound Research group has received funding to create a symposium around its research. Research assistants will be instrumental in the planning of this event.