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Videographer needed for Bar Mitzvah

Videographer needed for Bar Mitzvah

  •   Date: October 7
  •   Place:  Park Slope, Brooklyn (around 7th avenue and 6th St).
  •   Pay:  $200 cash including tips

Video will be needed from around 9am till around 11am during services.  Photography with some video will be needed from 11 till around 2:30 till the end of the reception.  More description:  At

the reception photography will be mostly needed (asking people to come together for a photo at times; catching jumping kids, adults, etc). Video will be needed a little to capture interesting moments of maybe kids dancing, record people’s impressions (mini interviews), etc.

Equipment provided:  Video camera is Cannon Vixia HF10; Nikon D 5000 w/ lens 18-55mm.  It comes with flash light–200something.  Personal equipment if preferred is ok so long as its the same or better quality.

Please contact Elena A Savelyev at if interested.