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Books and Broadband: South Korea’s Paju Bookcity

Faculty Research Brownbag Series

Books and Broadband: South Korea’s Paju Bookcity

Talk by Shannon Mattern

Tuesday, October 16 12:15-1:30pm 66 West 12th St, Orozco Room, 7th Floor

Just a few miles from the demilitarized zone in South Korea a new city has arisen – a city dedicated to books. Paju Bookcity attempts to write a new chapter for Korean history that weaves together publishing, architecture, and ubran planning – all fields which have faced dramatic changes in the nation’s tumultuous 20th century, and particularly in the last two-and-a-half decades. Why build a new “city of print” in the land of Samsung, in a nation aiming for the complete digitization of its public school textbooks by 2015? How does this new ex-urban development – one ostensibly committed to a return to traditional values and “slow” culture – compare to all the other “new towns” popping up around it? In this talk Shannon will explore the place of Paju Bookcity – which continues to grow and add  new media companies – within South Korea’s “digital dynasty”.

Faculty Research Brownbag Series is a series of faculty research presentations hosted by the Office of the Provost.  A representative will be on hand to discuss the Faculty Research Fund and answer questions.

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