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The Glass Sea

Jessica Feldman has collaborated with designer Steven Gertner on a new installation in Petrosino Square in Soho, NY – open and on display October-November 2012.

The Glass Sea is an architectural installation with looping video, audio, and texts detailing the schedules and lives of inmates and patients on Riker’s, Roosevelt, and Randall’s & Wards Islands. Riker’s Island is home to New York City’s main jail complex. Randall’s & Wards Islands have two residential psychiatric centers, and Roosevelt Island is home to a complex of state-run hospitals. To make the piece, Feldman visited and interviewed current and past residents of these institutions, who narrated their daily schedules to her, which are presented here. She then lived each of these schedules for a day, while shooting video from her perspective, which is projected onto the back of the structure. Designed with architect Steven Gertner, the building’s materials and dimensions are based on the rooms and cells where the inmates and patients lived. The piece offers the viewer an opportunity to imagine life from these perspectives and to consider institutional spaces and practices of expulsion and confinement.

View the NYC Parks and Recreation Press Release.