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OC Talks: The Program, with Filmmaker Laura Poitras

Filmmaker Laura Poitras, a newly named 2012 MacArthur Fellow, will present The Program, an Op-Doc for the New York Times on the N.S.A.’s top-secret domestic spying program.  This documentary short is part of Laura Poitras’ recent body of work on the post-9/11 world.  Laura herself has been placed on a government “watch list” and detained at the U.S. border numerous times as she perseveres in the completion of her trilogy of films on the moral and human costs of the war on terror at home and abroad.

Please join us for a discussion with Laura on the making of The Program and her current work-in-progress focusing on domestic surveillance.  The screening will also include the trilogy’s first installment My Country, My Country, an Academy Award-nominated intimate portrait of Iraq under U.S. occupation.