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A Message from the President: Emergency Housing

David E. Van Zandt, President

November 6, 2012

This evening, the leadership of The New School met to assess the challenges students, faculty, and staff faced today as our campus reopened. We estimate that about 20% of the community faced a difficult commute or was unable to make it in. While we understand that transportation is rapidly improving, we all need to remain flexible in the coming days.

We also know that some members of our community need emergency housing. We would like to help with that as best we can:

  • Students: If getting to campus is a hardship or if you do not have adequate housing at present, you are welcome to stay at Arnhold Hall, 55 West 13th Street, overnight for as long as necessary. The accommodations are quite basic but we do have linens and pillows, electricity, heat, hot water, bathroom facilities, and Internet access. For information, please contact Linda Reimer, senior vice president of Student Services at
  • Faculty and Staff: If you need a place to stay on a temporary basis, please e-mail Carol Cantrell, senior vice president of Human Resources at If you are able to house a fellow faculty or staff member in your home on a short-term basis, you should also email Carol to let her know what you have available.

Because offers to help continue to come from all over, the Office of Student Services has put together a list of agencies seeking assistance here. Personal communications to anyone you know needing a hand are also welcome.