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Anna Barsan (MA 2011) – Signified

Anna Barsan (MA 2011) is creator and director of SIGNIFIED, which has just launched it’s third season.

SIGNIFIED, an LGBTQ bilingual multi-media documentary web series, is thrilled to announce its third season. Shot in Colombia, Argentina & Cuba, SIGNIFIED’s latest season is spotlighting LGBTQ artists, activists & academics throughout Latin America.

Through interviews and events, SIGNIFIED works to provide a common space and platform for our diverse queer communities, both nationally and internationally, to participate in discourses regarding strategies of resistance. We seek to redefine resistance with narratives of collective education, radical interpersonal relationships, artistic creation and identity formation.

After completing our first production phase abroad, we are now adding local Latin@ LGBTQ individuals and organizations to the conversation to address the domestic implications of immigration/migration and the policing of brown bodies across borders (as well as within our own borders), U.S. imperialism, constructions of citizenship, colonial legacy, and the changing relationship – both culturally, economically and socially – between North and South America.

With Season 3 we take a small step, in a march larger process, of recognizing the need to connect international queer communities in dialogue and the sharing of intellectual and organizational resources.

For more info or to schedule a screening please visit our website at:

Check out the Season 3 premiere below, or on Vimeo.

SIGNIFIED: Season 3 from Signified Project on Vimeo.