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BRONXNET Internship Program & Call for Youth Channel Submissions


BronxNet Internship Program

The BronxNet Training Program for Future Media Professionals is a unique program designed to provide students aspiring careers in the media industry the skills they will need to build their careers. The program provides hands-on training, through internships, in all aspects of media: shooting, postproduction, writing, and producing. By working alongside BronxNet’s professional staff, high school and college students have the opportunity to work on live studio productions, sporting events, and live-to-tape studio shows. Students also work on-location, shooting events and eventually editing the footage for packages that are aired on our community based programs. Students also have the opportunity to participate in workshops designed to specifically focus on one particular area of production: camera workshops, studio workshops and field workshops such as The Bronx Journalism Workshop, which is designed to teach students all aspects of producing a package for air.

BronxNet’s Internship Program provides satisfying experiences for both our interns and our professional staff. By sharing their expertise with students, our staff is able to keep their skill set sharp, mentor students in particular areas of training and add to our workshops in the areas of directing, producing, shooting and editing. Students in turn have access to professionals in a smaller environment and more one-on-one training, thus allowing them to improve their skills throughout the internship. Students are given the opportunities to progress through evaluations, feedback, added workshops and high level positions on productions such as directing and producing

For more information please contact:

Marisa M. White

Youth Media Coordinator


Call for Youth Channel submissions:
Student work is welcome to air on the BronxNet Youth Channel. Please send all requests or questions to