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Interns Needed for Documentary Work

This feature length documentary  is about the beatniks, poets and songwriters who hung out around the coffee houses of MacDougal Street during the 1960s and who used their poetry and music to challenge the status quo.  This will be intercut with young artists of today who also use poetry and songwriting for social protest.
Most of the material has been filmed and we are looking for help in two ways:
1.  Help with the research of the archival material. This will entail locating photos, footage, old tv shows, etc. and help secure the rights.  This is the main task and can go on for several weeks or months.  Person can make their own hours.  I would supervise them, help them find sources and give tips on how to locate the rights.
2.  Help with the contemporary footage.  We have filmed several artists  but we still are looking for a few more.  The student would go to poetry venues, rallies, open mics (fun!) in search of some new subjects.
For further information please contact Karen Kramer directly at
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