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Media Studies Faculty Research Assistant (Paid)

Research Assistant needed to research and design soundscapes for an upcoming art exhibition of experimental video and photography. We are looking for a motivated, self-directed, reliable, creative individual with expertise in digital sound design and production. You will gain valuable experience in designing for a real world, multimodal event, collaborating with professional artists.

The exhibit “What is the temperament of space?” addresses our relationship with space, as required by oneʼs mind to hold thoughts in the midst of distraction, to assemble meaning from fragments, to construct what one remembers. The imagery is based on those magical moments in time, when the interplay of forces suggested a mingling of the elements – water, metal, air and fire. Applicant should be interested in exploring the role of sound as environment.

10 hours/week February – May 2013

The research assistant rate is $17/hr

Interested graduate students should email qualifications and audio samples to