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Theoria and Praxis: Call for Submissions

Theoria and Praxis: International Journal of Interdisciplinary Thought

Call for Submissions

Deadline: April 30, 2013It is with considerable pleasure that we announce today the establishment of an

interdisciplinary journal dedicated to exploring the linkages between theory

and practice, and facilitating cross-communication between philosophy and the

social sciences. Theoria and Praxis will broaden the academic dialogue by

bringing together alternative theoretical frameworks and diverse disciplines

ranging from philosophy, sociology, the humanities, literary and cultural

studies to political science, anthropology, economics, and history.

The inaugural edition, tentatively due for release in early June 2013, will be

focused on critically analyzing: the political. The “political” is, of course,

open to quite a wide range of possible philosophic interpretations, and it has

been historically connected to a whole spectrum of social practices. As such,

we encourage the intellectual interrogation of this concept, and of its

implications, from a variety of paradigms and perspectives. The theme for our

inaugural issue may very well prompt any number of corollary questions such as,

but not limited to, the following:

* What is ‘the political’? Or, for that matter, what constitutes the

non-political, the un-political, and the anti-political?

* Who is included, and who is excluded, from this realm of ‘the political’?

* What is the distinction between antiquity and modernity in European

political thought?

* Is ‘the political’ about a basic logic of how and in what manner

societies essentially organize themselves?

* How is ‘the political’ related to the historical, the economic, and the

cultural dimensions of everyday life?

* Are ethical principles even applicable to the ostensibly amoral realm of

‘the political’— as thinkers from Machiavelli to Morgenthau have contended?

* How do Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau, or, for that matter, Marx, Schmitt,

and Arendt, define the limits of ‘the political’?

* And how do emerging fields such as eco-politics and bio-politics effect

and transform our contemporary notions of what is, and what is not,


* Finally, can one not speculate, in a postmodern age and globalized world,

whether or not the very concept of ‘the political’ is antiquated and altogether


Neither are submissions, by any means, to be confined to these questions alone.

In fact, we will gladly and seriously consider all papers that we receive.

Manuscripts shall be subject to a double-blind reading, ensuring the integrity

of the peer-review process. All submissions should be between 6,000 and 12,000

words, and include abstracts of no more than 200 words (in Microsoft Word file


We welcome those interested to please submit their papers and proposals, and all

relevant inquiries, to Theoria and Praxis at:

Also, visit us at: