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Research and Communications Internship at UNICEF

UNICEF NYHQ Duty Station

2-3 days a week

3-6 months


Immediate start

Ideal for someone who likes strategic thinking, hates the way education is done now, and thinks that taking awesome projects to scale is the best thing ever.

Liaise with high-level stakeholders to identify 6 cutting-edge learning innovations (Khan Academy, Udacity, etc.) and pilot them in UNICEF programme countries.

This intern will work on data collection, communication (maintaining a clear record of conversations, a database of innovations, etc.), drafting strategy around innovation in education and  supporting the Innovation Unit to communicate the results at a principle-level meeting in NY at the end of 2013.


  • Data analysis of existing innovations
  • Outreach to potentially interesting projects
  • Categorizing funding sources (VC, funds, etc)
  • Blogging about progresss
  • Assisting with selection of innovative education projects
  • Tracking progress for 6 months
  • Updating the Child Friendly Technology appropriately

This intern will sit with the UNICEF Innovation Unit ( and report to Christopher Fabian.  Please write to for more information.

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