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SMS Lecture Series – Gender, Economies of Visibility, and the Branding of the Self


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In this talk,  the topic of discussion will be what some have called the “feminization of the Internet” as not simply a mapping of gender onto an already established technological framework, but rather as indicative of a shifted social arrangement of gender norms and practices that are legible within a neoliberal economy of visibility. The idea of girls using the Web more as a site for creative production is already bound by conventional notions of what, and who, girls are—fashionistas, make-up artists, stylists, bodily objects. Through an examination of digital production by girls, such as blogs and videos, I argue that these artifacts have implications for women and girls within 21st century postfeminist culture, where “putting oneself out there” and the quest for visibility is an ever more normative practice for young women interested and invested (either explicitly or implicitly) in the branding and promotion of the self.


February 19, 4pm – Hirshon Suite

 Lecture Given by:

Sarah Banet-Weiser


Annenberg School of Communication

American Studies and Ethnicity

University of Southern California