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Opening For Promotional Coordinator Position (Internship) – Farrar Books


Promotional Coordinator Position: 3 Credit Hours

Farrar Books is seeking a Promotional Coordinator to assist with promotional activities following the February 2013 publication of Josh Farrar’s second young adult novel, A Song for Bijou (Bloomsbury). This is an unpaid internship designed for college students, recent (or not so recent) college graduates, and graduate students who are interested in a career in writing and/or book promotion.

Activities will include: organizing bookstore events; coordinating school visits, creating regional book clubs; social media promotion and frequent laughter with colleagues.

Skills: please be a confident, verbally adroit self-starter able to communicate in a professional manner with teachers, school administrators, bookstore owners, and the parents of tween readers.

Length: position will last 4-6 weeks, 10 hours per week (or longer, since we think you’ll be having so much fun you’ll want to continue). Promotional Coordinator will be able to work mostly off site with regular contact via phone, Skype and email. This position will report to the author, Josh Farrar and Farrar Books Promotional Manager, Hayley Downs.

Perks: we’re a friendly group and we don’t take ourselves too seriously so we can promise it will be fun. Also, we all like to cook so you never know when you’ll get a home cooked meal.

And, most importantly, in addition to solid experience in the publishing marketplace, Promotional Coordinator will receive detailed feedback on creative writing and professional development advice from a published author.

Send resume and cover letter with a paragraph devoted to why you would be a good fit for this role to: