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Partizaning: Urban Interventions and Participatory Art/Activism in Moscow

Partizaning: Urban Interventions 
and Participatory Art/Activism in Moscow

Monday, March 11, 7:30pm

Kellen Auditorium, 66 5th Avenue 

Two months before parliamentary elections in Russia in December 2011, a group of street artists in Moscow launched Partizaning, a participatory urban re-planning initiative.

Soon after, they took part as observers in the elections and conducted tactical actions in the city to transform political to civic dialogue, including satirical protests at public meetings, printed bulletins with ideas of self-organization, painted DIY-crosswalks, cycling lanes and hand-made made benches, pop-up educational seminars at Occupy camps in Moscow and more.

These urban tactics and social media campaigns by Partizaning were used to engage people and cooperate with environmentalists, urbanists, and activists in Moscow.

The “Partizaning” approach is not only relevant in Russia and has taken on a special revolutionary nature there, but has inspired similar actions elsewhere. Working individually and in diverse spheres—activism and urbanism, sociology and geography, contemporary art and street art—this urban-arts collective has sought to create an interdisciplinary dialogue; one that is open to broad participation among civil society.

Anton Polsky/ MAKE is an artist and activist. He is a graduate of the Russian State University for Humanities where he specialized in Art History. In Moscow, his projects have included co-creating the USE/LESS – DIY cycling map series for the city, co-organizing Delai Sam, and most recently, co-founding Partizaning.

Event hosted by Prof. Nitin Sawhney and co-sponsored by The School of Media Studies, The New School’s Co-Existence Initiative, and the Social Justice Committee (SJC) at The New School