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Daily Archives: March 13, 2013


The Online Media Department is looking for a student interesting in helping the university meet it’s ever-growing online needs. The job would be 10+ hours per week, and they are looking for students skilled in HTML, CSS, and content management.  Design experience is a plus.

WORKSHOP: Ethics of Art and Architecture

The workshop will consider the ways in which ethics and accountability operate in the respective fields of art and architecture in order to rearticulate issues related to construction practices and workers’ rights in the field of architecture. The course will cover issues such as ethics,

Two Talks + a Design Jury

Shannon Mattern presented “Echoes & Entanglements: A Sonic Archaeology of the City” as part of a panel on Media Archaeology at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies conference in Chicago earlier this month. On March 25 & 26, she’ll be giving three presentations at