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Staff member and alum Caryn Cline’s new film “Compost Confidential” in festival circuit!

Caryn Cline, who manages the School of Media Studies Film and Digital Equipment Center, has a new film that is making the festival circuit. “Compost Confidential” recently played at the Portland, OR Women’s Film Festival, and it will be featured at the Iowa City International Documentary Festival and at Experiments in Cinema in Albuquerque. At Experiments in Cinema, Caryn is also co-curating, with Professor Julie Perini of Portland State University, a program of films called “Collaborating with Nature” (including School of Media Studies Professor Melissa Friedling’s recent film “Garden Roll Bounce Parking Lot.”) For the second year at Experiments in Cinema, Caryn will teach her “Botanicollage” direct animation workshop. Students will learn to collage local botanicals onto film leader. The resulting film will be screened in the “Collaborating with Nature” program.


Compost Confidential

A recycled film that addresses our culture of waste.  According to a Cornell University research report, eleven thousand tons of trash a day are discarded in New York City, and 15 to 40% is food scraps that could and should be composted. In “Compost Confidential,” handmade botanicollage film frames, saved from unrealized projects, were put in a compost bin, left for several weeks, then retrieved and optically-printed. In the printing process, the sprocket holes themselves, usually outside of the frame, were intentionally revealed as an element inside the frame. The soundtrack, recycled from an audio project, features interviews with urban composters at the Union Square Greenmarket in New York City.