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Tanya Toft (MA 2011) – Nordic Outbreak


Tanya Toft (MA 2011) curated this year’s Nordic Outbreak Exhibition in New York.

From the Curatorial Statement:

Nordic Outbreak is an exhibition project that looks at contemporary dynamics in moving images in the Nordic art scene. It unfolds on screens and with projections in public and semi-public spaces, accompanied by a series of public discussions. The program brings new light on the Nordic as a diverse aesthetic and existential concept in the digital age.

Nordic Outbreak is an experimental exhibition project that takes a starting point in ‘the digital’ as a condition for our communication landscape and as a premise of the moving image. In a digital logic, artworks are ‘files’ – flexible to travel and unfold in different formats. This point of departure pushes the notion of originality and materiality of the artwork, and the limits and rules of the exhibition.