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Globalization and Its Discontent (FILM): Speed, Seduction, Sameness


Gerald Powell will be presenting Globalization and Its Discontent (FILM): Speed, Seduction, Sameness at the Sixth International Conference on Global Studies.

From the Global Studies site:

The Global Studies Conference, The Global Studies Journal, the On Globalization Book Series, and the Global Studies News Blog are devoted to mapping and interpreting new trends and patterns in globalization – from many points of view, at many locations in the world, and in a wide-angle kaleidoscopic fashion.

Intellectually, the community takes three steps: the first is a ‘this-worldly’ step, mapping the details and extrapolating to big picture analyses in order to interpret what is in alternate moments challenging, dangerous or excitingly promising about the ‘New Globalization’. The second step is to set this New Globalization in the context of earlier globalizations – what are the continuities, and what is genuinely new? The third step is to re-examine and redefine the very concept of globalization – in theoretical, anthropological and philosophical terms.