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“TAs, RAs, TFs, GAs, graduate students: Should we form a graduate student union?”

Date: Friday May 3, 6 p.m.

Location: 6 E 16th St, Room D-1107

An event on organizing student workers, TAs, RAs, and all other student employees three weeks ago was a huge success, and those involved would like to continue the momentum with an explicit event on how to actually form a graduate student union.

“Do you want:

A wage you can live off in NYC?

More than one raise in almost 15 years?

More jobs to finance PhD and advanced MA students?

100% tuition waivers if employed by the school?

Free Health care provided by the school?

Job stability, not insecurity in yearly competitions?

A grievance board and a labor code when your professor doesn’t treat you right?

Then come to our meeting!

There will be guest speakers from the NYU Graduate Student Organizing Committee who will report on the current situation at NYU and will be able to give us advice and answer our questions on unionization.
Pizza will be served.
The event details can be found in the attachment as well as on facebook:

See you there,

your NSSW

(New School Student Workers)”