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Multiple Internships with the Audubon Society – Help create a public service announcement!


Audubon Society Public Service Announcement

College Credit Internships: Film + Sound + Lighting + Editing + Actor

Description: Help create a public service announcement for New York Audubon Society. Subject is mostly on migrating birds that fly over New York City distracted by city lights. And nesting birds that habitats are endangered on beaches when people frequently cross into designated nesting areas. But overall topic will be animal conservation.

Persons needed:

One film person + one sound person + one lighting person + one editing person + Actor / Script reader. Or someone capable of fulfilling all roles.

Materials: camera + sound equipment + lighting equipment + editing software + actor’s with enthusiasm to help animal conservation.

Starts: At the convenience of InternEnds:  At the completion of one 30 second public service announcementLocation: Sound Audio Engineering recording studios located in the Daffy’s building 34th Manhattan

Career contacts:  Audubon Society.  Also could lead to job creating media goals for the Audubon Society.

Social credit: Seen as team member of a popular conservation group The New York Audubon Society

New York Audubon Society: Provide reference for college credit.

New York Audubon web-site:

Sound Audio Engineering:

If interested contact: Fabian Leo @ (347) 664. 8709




Additional Information


News press will be reviewed on the PSA filming so it’s a great way to get your name out there.