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INTERACT 2013 Forum

INTERACT 2013 is a day-long forum on how we structure and facilitate cross-divisional, multi-year collaborations that are socially just, meaningful and effective. INTERACT is co-sponsored by the University Social Innovation Committee.

INTERACT 2013 will be held Saturday May 18, from 9:30 – 5:00 in the Theresa Lang Center (55 West 13th Street).

The agenda features several of our Milano/NSPE colleagues on the program, with many others participating in other roles.

  • Marco Zelaya, Urban Policy student, Cristina Handal, Parsons SDS student, creators of YCorn (winner of The New Challenge)
  • Dennis Derryck, Management faculty, founder of Corbin Hill Farm
  • Erica Kohl-Arenas, Management faculty, with partners from Midtown Community Court and the Center for Court Innovation
  • Louise Montello, Creative Arts Therapy faculty, with partners from the Polaris project
  • Fabio Parasecoli, Food Studies coordinator, with partners from Project EATS
  • Courtney Locus, Organization Change Management graduate student, INTERACT 2013 student co-organizer



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