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Three evenings of original student doc shorts

May 28 – 30 at 7pm

The Graduate Certificate in Documentary Media Studies is proud to present its seventh annual festival of short films made by the students in the class of 2013.  Each work is the result of a year of intensive study in documentary production, history and theory by students from throughout the world, including Denmark, Latvia, Colombia, the Netherlands, New Zealand and the U.S. A reception will follow the program on Tuesday night.

Tuesday, May 28.  Hosted by Deanna Kamiel

Wednesday, May 29.  Hosted by Deirdre Boyle

Thursday, May 30.  Hosted by Vladan Nikolic


A Band in Brooklyn, Ella Farnsworth

A Certain Age, Trine Berg

Artistic Platforms, Jack Stannard

Dead Horse Bay, Zane Peneze

Fear, Love, Run, Courtney Kistler

Here to Stay, Maria Paula Lorgia

I Want To Open Eyeballs, Sam Allen

Maud & Hannah, Janetta Ubbels

The Banking Brain, Suzanne Smith

The Last Slam, Nora Gross

The Move, Ditte-Marie Kjaergaard Jakobsen

You Gotta Have Heart, Sandi Perlmutter

You can also visit the Facebook page for the event here:

The New School for Public Engagement

Tishman Auditorium, 66 West 12th Street


Presented by the Graduate Certificate in Documentary Studies

School of Media Studies

The New School for Public Engagement