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New Media Management Summer Course

Interested students should feel free to email the instructor, Matthew Melucci, with any questions.

SUMMER 2013 Media Managment Course

NMDM 5330 – Understanding and Developing New Media Systems

CRN 1975 – Online

Instructor: Matthew Melucci

This is a studio-based course conducted as an internship/externship and designed to introduce the graduate level and continuing education students to the complexity, convergence, as well as common and often unique challenges that live inside digital media systems. Under the guidance of the course instructor and various professional members of the project team, students will reason and work through real-world dilemmas and strategies involving a digital development project – in this case the construction and launch of a new web (and wireless) platform for the School of Media Studies. From the marketplace assessment and review of a competitive set to the writing of a feasibility study and creation of the digital architectural framework and social schemata, students will receive hands on experience working through the intricate and often conflicting interplay of programming, production, business and marketing interests in devising an integrated and multi-purpose digital media system for the school.  As part of the course work, students will review, assess and critique several interactive educational platforms. In addition, students will help the team to address the challenges of aligning media and business objectives in creating a presence online that supplements, rather than duplicates existing parallel systems. Students will work directly with the instructor as well as members of the digital development team and school committee to strategize and execute on the department’s plans to launch the first phase of the new multi-functional platform in the coming months. As part of their study, students will meet regularly with the professor to discuss completing objectives toward that goal. Every effort will be made to assign each student responsibilities specific to their primary discipline and interest.