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Trickhouse Hosts Online Sound-Based Exhibit, Curated by Joan Schuman

Trickhouse  current has up a sound-based exhibit curated by Joan Schuman who is an online only instructor in the Media Studies program.  This exhibit features work by Kevin Allen, Tessie Word, and Maile Colbert.

Joan Schuman writes of her experience curating the exhibit,

With an invitation to collect sound art for the online multi-disciplinary exhibition space at Trickhouse, I landed upon three artists who give equal weight to sounds and visuals in their work.

Tessie Word, Kevin Allen and Maile Colbert represent unique artistic resonance around a ghostly sense of time and place, looking and listening. The intersection of each of their short film pieces invites conversations among sounds and images, movement and stillness, waiting and watching.

I talked with each of the artists to understand their process and the stories or experiences they wanted to express in sound, image and movement. Their words and ideas stitch around one project apiece revealing new approaches to media artistry.

Please visit “Listening as a Form of Activism” at Trickhouse over the next 2-3 months. Sometime in September, the show will then be archived at the site. It is currently one of two main exhibitions.

Trickhouse’s mission is to serve as an unmediated environment for visual art, writing, sound, video, interviews, and interactive experiments, and is devoted to the generative nature of collaboration and independent curating.

Thanks to Noah Saterstrom for inviting me to work with him at

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