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Media Studies Course: Ashbery Digital Mapping Project

The Ashbery Digital Mapping Project (ASHLAB) will be taught this semester by Irwin Chen, Adam Fitzgerald, and Tom Healy.

This semester’s seminar is part of an ongoing sequence of classes that involves a digital mapping of John Ashbery’s Hudson, NY house via his work – and the reverse: a digital mapping of his work via that Hudson house. Students work on various projects – annotating  objects in the house, such as paintings, curios, architecture, and mementos; anthologizing and annotating poems according to various subjects and themes, such as music or

childhood; and defining and mapping routes through both the house and the work, Ashbery’s poetry as well as his prose. The class is inherently multidisciplinary and is team-taught by poets, critics, and digital designers.

ASHLAB is an ongoing project that plans to document these collections and to use new technology and design to re-imagine the traditional writer’s archive in virtual space. In doing so, the course will introduce students to Ashbery’s literary/artistic contents through archival examination of certain specific rooms and areas, and address the larger questions of the arts and archives, as we study his poetry and prose.

For registration information, please see the Fall 2013 Course Catalog which can be found here.