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Fall 2013 Academic Calendar Holiday Changes


 Rosh Hashanah:

Wednesday, September 4th (no classes that begin 3:50 PM or after)

Thursday, September 5th (no classes all day)

Yom Kippur:

Friday, September 13th (no classes that begin 3:50 PM or after)

Saturday, September 14th (no classes all day)


Wednesday, November 27th through Sunday, December 1st


Rescheduled Days:

The following changes to the schedule are made to ensure that classes cancelled due to holidays will have a sufficient number of meetings:

  • Tuesday, November 26th classes will follow the Thursday schedule.  Any course that normally meets on Thursdays will meet on Tuesday, November 26th in its regular room at its regular time. Any course that normally meets on Tuesdays will not meet on Tuesday, November 26th, but will resume on Tuesday, December 3rd.
  • Monday, December 16th, the last day of the semester, no classes before 3:50 pm will meet and classes that begin 3:50 PM or later will follow the Wednesday schedule.  All courses that normally meet on Mondays will end on Monday, December 9th.  Wednesday courses whose start time is earlier than 3:50 PM will end on Wednesday, December 11th.  Only Wednesday courses that begin 3:50 PM or after will meet on Monday, December 16th in their regular rooms at their regular times.