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John Zorn is 60!

From this Friday’s Sept 13th Screening of Films scored by some of his favorite composers (Morricone, Herrmann, Mancinie and other more obscure composers like Hans Salter) and his Sunday, Sept. 12th “Masada Marathon” all the way through to the October 4th concert featuring the celebrant himself with Ryuichi Sakamato, the city is alive with the sights and sounds of the illustrious and sonorous John Zorn in a celebration of his 60th year on this planet.

This is a tremendous opportunity to get a more synoptic view and audition of the work of this utterly necessary artist.

A composer, performer, arranger, producer, improvisor, impresario, and MacArthur Fellow, Zorn has explored a vast and impressive spectrum of genres — including jazz, rock, hardcore punk, classical, klezmer, popular, and improvised, among many others — over the past four decades. His hometown celebrates with a festival of Zorn@60 performances exploring his epic oeuvre, from the summer through the fall of 2013. Well over 100 musicians, many of them Zorn’s longtime collaborators and all of them hand-selected by the composer, will participate in the performances. These concerts are part of a global celebration of the composer’s 60th that includes events throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Please visit Zorn@60 for details.