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Alum Juliana Pereira Co-organized a MediaThon for Saturday, September 21

A “Hack-a-thon” for Media

You’ve heard of hack-a-thons: people gathered to create tech that tackles a specific problem, from feeding the hungry to helping travelers to making people laugh.

A MediaThon is for people gathered to create media around a specific purpose or cause. For an afternoon, a day, or a weekend, we get together in small groups, both cooperating and competing to see what we can make, how far we can go, and what we can accomplish, while having fun.

MediaThon inspires collaborative production of innovative and original content. Our mission is to interrupt the status quo, shape new directions and promote media that informs, amuses, even delights those who consume and participate in it.

Co-organized by alum Juliana Pereira, the MediaThon  serves to unite those passionate about creative media to work on projects and engage in dialogue.

This event is by registration only so do yourself a favor and register now.