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Potential PhD position in neuroscience communication studies

Dr. Louise Whiteley is preparing a grant application for the Danish Humanities Research Council, which if successful will include a PhD position in science communication/media studies.

The project investigates ontologies of mind/brain in neuroscientific studies of hunger and obesity, via philosophical analysis, media studies, and exhibit making. The specific direction of the science communication/media studies PhD will be developed by the candidate within this framework. The project is based at the University of Copenhagen’s Medical Museion (, an interdisciplinary medical humanities and science communication research group, where many staff members engage in curatorial or public engagement practice alongside their research. The project is in collaboration with the Department of Media, Cognition, and Communication, local neuroscience research groups, and international collaborators from the UK and US.

The rules stipulate that PhD candidates are listed in the application, rather than advertising positions after an application is successful. They’re therefore looking for a candidate to join our application, which if not successful in the first round will be resubmitted. On the other hand, if it is successful, participation in the application would not constitute a binding agreement.

Candidates might have a background in media or cultural studies, STS, science communication research, or relevant interdisciplinary training. Interest or experience in cognitive science, psychology, or neuroscience would also be an advantage.

If you are interested, please send a CV and max one page explaining why this position appeals to you to by the end of Wednesday 10th October and they can arrange a time to meet or speak by phone/skype.