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Call for Submissions: Media Studies Showcase Monitor

The School of Media Studies is accepting submissions to display selected student work on our SHOWCASE MONITOR located on the 12th floor.

Deadline: November 4th

Submit via email:



1. MP4 files
2. H.264
3. 1280 × 720
4. No longer than 2 minutes
5. Can share a downloadable link!


1. PDF – medium to high quality, 720 Pixels/Resolution or more!

Submitted images will be made into a video slideshow. If preferred, you may submit curated images as a video that you’ve edited yourself.


1. Word doc or an image with the words displayed in a way that is visually compelling.
3. No longer than 100 words
4. Can be an excerpt from an essay, a poem, a letter, diary entry, diagram etc.