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Film Studies Working Group: Tara Mateik workshop 10/17 and a call for proposals

Film Studies Working Group: Tara Mateik workshop 10/17 

Thu Oct 17, 6:30pm– 09:00pm

On Improvisation & Works in Process

The Center for the Humanities

The CUNY, Graduate Center

Room 8301

Tara Mateik will kick-start the seminar by workshopping his current project, Friends of Dorothy.

Tara Mateik will take on questions of collaboration in our first workshopping session of the Film Studies Seminar. He will present content related to an upcoming performance at the Graduate Center, the staging of a silent film shoot that will be incorporated into his larger Friends of Dorothy project.

The objective of this workshop is to address the challenges of collaboration and improvisation in politically-informed performance work. A further challenge is posed by the historical and theoretical models Mateik draws from. He’ll be looking for our collective insights into strategies for bridging theory and practice in his November performance.

Below, find links to a project description and two short readings that will help to inform our discussion.

Project Description: Tara Mateik.


“Strange Bedfellows” interview on collaboration: strange bed fellowspg.1&2.

Excerpt from L. Frank Baum’s The Marvelous Land of Oz: army of revolt L. Frank Baum.


A peformance of the work as a public event will be held Nov 22, 8pm: Friends of Dorothy Screen Test #1 and #2

Call for Proposals

The Film Studies Working Group is excited to issue a call for participants for our next set of meetings. Sessions will be “co>curated” by interdisciplinary teams of students and faculty around a central theme. Curators will plan the activities for each session, which can include a combination of readings to discuss, projects to workshop, screenings, or speakers. Our first volunteer coordinator has proposed a session on “Film and Anarchy” to be held on December 12th (please let us know if you would be interested in contributing to this session). At our next meeting, we will set the dates for our Spring 2014 sessions and solicit curators and themes. Our goal will be to create teams of curators who reflect the diversity of our seminar participants, and to encourage new collaborations. We’ll also be soliciting participants for the newly formed Film Studies Dissertation Writing Group. Upcoming sessions in October and November will workshop innovative multimedia projects that provide inspiring models for collaborative production, and fusions between theory and practice. All seminars and events are open to the public. Please register for the seminar to receive updates and access to readings: