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Documentary Event: “These Birds Walk”

Oscilloscope, an indie film company based in New York. is reaching out today with a little information about an upcoming release, a new, award-winning doc called THESE BIRDS WALK.

THESE BIRDS WALK explores the humanitarian efforts of the renowned Pakistani figure Abdul Sattar Edhi by documenting his network of homes for runaway and orphaned children, and in particular, very intimately captures the lives of a handful of runaways who are living in Edhi’s homes.

The film has been very well received in its early festival run:

“The most BEAUTIFUL documentary I can remember.”

– Filmmaker Magazine

“Equally heartrending and inspirational… exemplifies the power of the HUMAN SPIRIT.”

– Austin Chronicle

And we highly encourage that you check out our trailer here:

And tickets can be purchased here:

We’re opening the film this Friday in New York at the Village East Cinema (Second Avenue and E. 12th St.) and are reaching out to organizations and groups that are interested in documentary filmmaking, narrative journalism, and indie film.

Would you be interested in helping us get the word out?

An e-card is available for sending out via listserv or e-blast, and is handy for posting to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. The e-card outlines showtimes, the theater locations, and several planned Q&As with the filmmakers happening this weekend.

Also, for those who are interested in rounding up a group to see the film, a special group rate of $7.50 per ticket for groups of 25 or more can be provided.

Docs and small, indie films like ours live & die by our opening weekend performance, so we urge anyone and everyone who is interested in the film, Edhi, or the lives & well being of Pakistani youth to come check out the film.