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DOC TALK: First Love

The Graduate Certificate in Documentary Studies invites all Media Studies students, alumni and faculty for a DOC


Monday, November 11 at 1 PM

2 West 13th

Street, Room 1204




2013, 105 MIN

Please join us for a screening with Nina Davenport of First Comes Love, made for HBO, on her

decision to have a baby on her own in her early forties. First Comes Love is the latest in a series

of personal documentaries by Davenport which includes the films Always A Bridesmaid (2000)

and the post 9/11 road trip film Parallel Lives (2004). As an autobiographical filmmaker whose

work has been broadcast by HBO, Cinemax, BBC and Channel Four in England, Davenport has

made first-person films since graduating from Harvard College in 1990 where her mentors in

personal documentary were the filmmakers Ross McElwee, Robb Moss and Robert Gardner.

About the form of first-person cinema, Davenport says: “The ‘off-the-cuff’ intimacy of personal

documentaries makes them look easy, but from the cadence and delivery of the voiceover to

the creation of a persona, it’s actually extremely difficult to get it just right.”

Presented by the Graduate Certificate in Documentary Studies

School of Media Studies

The New School for Public Engagement