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Job Opportunity: TA position

Please see below for one TA position available in the First Year Program at Parsons for the Spring Semester.  This position is 3 hrs/week and the stipend for the semester is $1237.50. Students are paid on a biweekly schedule.  Graduate students who have completed at least one year of their program are encouraged to apply, however we will still consider graduate students in their first year.

Applications are due by December 18th.  Please apply through the New School’s hr site or you can email kellera [at] newschool [dot] edu directly with your cover letter and CV.

Course Title: Time

Where Course is Being Offered: Parsons First Year Program

Semester Being Offered: Spring 2014

Course Description: This course is an introduction to the cultural and perceptual constructions of time. Learning to work with time involves more than editing video and sound into linear sequences. It entails the consideration of time as a designed idea that can function as a tool to understand how objects can function, environments can be perceived, and experiences can be shared.  Studio projects, readings, writing, and examples of many artists’ work are used to examine how ideas such as frame, duration, and speed have evolved to impact our understanding of time. A variety of methods and media, from digital video, to drawing, to performance, are used to explore and represent different cross disciplinary notions of time found in the fields of art, design, science, and industry.  Students will leave the course with a basic knowledge of creating digital sequential layouts and audio-visual sequences.

Requirements: TAs should be proficient in Adobe Premier and Adobe InDesign. Minimum GPA of 3.4