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Call for Entries: Bad Film Fest

badfilmFestival of “Bad” Short Films Slated for April 11-12, 2014 in New York City

(NEW YORK, NY) The Bad Film Fest, created as a supportive, fun and inclusive environment for aspiring artists to present their short films, is accepting submissions.

Presented as an extension of the Bad Theater Fest, the Bad Film Fest seeks work from filmmakers with various experience and skill levels. The UK Telegraph called the festival “a liberating experience … there’s something inherently joyous about the randomness of the festival’s assortment of shows.”

“It’s not that we have low standards,” says Bad Film Fest Co-Founder Starr Kendall. “We have different standards. We want to curate the most diverse festival possible. Part of the motivation behind starting a festival openly searching for bad short films is to make a venue available to people who are prevented from showing their work by the fear of how it will be received by the audience. Plus it’s fun to watch a bunch of bad films in a crowded theater.”

Some of the eclectic films programmed for the 2013 festival included the 3D horror film, “AracAttack!” (complete with homemade 3D glasses), a Rom-Com about a cowboy and a cactus, and a “This is Your Brain on Drugs” public service announcement spoof that got the 13 year old filmmaker grounded for entering a film festival without telling her parents.

With a focus on short films, the Bad Film Fest seeks creative and exciting pieces of Live-Action, Animation, Documentary, Experimental, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Viral, Horror, LGBT and Found Footage. The deadline for submission is Saturday, March 15 at Midnight EST.

Short films may be submitted through the form available at Submissions are free or there is an optional $5. Interested filmmakers should include a short bio, link to the video (if applicable), and a list and links of similar projects.

About Bad Film Fest

The festival, and it’s companion event the Bad Theater Fest, were conceived by Shawn Wickens, Starr Kendall and Michael McFarland as a celebration of art for the creation of the art itself. The theory behind labeling the festival “bad” is to remove from the filmmakers the burden to be perfect – that interesting results can come from failure, disorder and distortion. For more information, visit, find Bad Film Fest on Facebook, or contact 765-351-5375.