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Kickstarter Intern Needed!

Silent Fire Productions is looking for an intern to help with its Kickstarter campaign for an arts and education project that we will be doing this spring in Washington, D.C.

The project description can be seen at

And info about the company at

The intern will receive 10% of what is brought in and must have experience doing fundraising using social media. It is preferable that they have experience specifically with Kickstarter. SFP’s social media sites are in a very basic form, but they are there to be used and expanded.

We are looking for someone who can be creative and engaging. A design background or an editing background would definitely be beneficial. Someone who is comfortable with all social media sites, facebook, twitter, word press, and instagram is required. And the ideal candidate can be committed to following through on projects and has patience, the ability to problem solve and think about things from a different perspective. There are hundreds of projects on Kickstarter looking to be funded. What can we do to make ours stand out?

The budget for this project is manageable and realistic. This is a good starter project for an intern and If we work well together, there will definitely be more work.  The internship will last appx three months and the hours are TBD (they will be part time) but the exact timing may be flexible as long as the work is getting done. We may also be able to offer college credit.

If you or anyone you know may be interested, please send a recent pic/headshot and a description of your experiences fundraising and why this project would be beneficial to you to