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Katja Kwastek: Aesthetics of Interaction in Digital Art

Book presentation

Katja Kwastek: Aesthetics of Interaction in Digital Art 

(MIT Press, 2013)

Katja Kwastek in conversation with Teri Rueb

Wednesday, March 5th, 7pm

Parsons, The New School for Design, NY

The Bark Room (Orientation Room), Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, Ground Floor, 2 West 13th Street

Katja Kwastek will present her new publication in conversation with media artist Teri Rueb, whose work ‘Drift’ forms one of the case studies of the book.

In her book, Kwastek presents an aesthetics of interaction which centers on artistic work based on technologically enabled feedback processes.  She discusses the potential roles of different actors, relations between real space and data space, the interplay of various temporal structures, the relationship between materiality and interpretability, the instrumentality of interactive works, and the aesthetic experiences they enable. She applies her theory to specific works of interactive media art, including narratives in virtual and real space, interactive installations, and performance—with case studies of works by Olia Lialina, Susanne Berkenheger, Stefan Schemat, Teri Rueb, Lynn Hershman, Agnes Hegedüs, Tmema, David Rokeby, Sonia Cillari, and Blast Theory.

Katja Kwastek is Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art at VU University Amsterdam

Teri Rueb is Professor of Media Study at the University of Buffalo / State University of New York

“In Aesthetics of Interaction in Digital Art, Kwastek moves with impressive ease and careful scholarship across decades of aesthetic theory and artistic practice. Kwastek’s book is the definitive study of this important body of art that lies tantalizingly on the border between the traditional art world and contemporary media culture.” —Jay David Bolter, Wesley Professor of New Media, Georgia Institute of Technology