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CODES & MODES: Producing Documentary Culture

An Unconference sponsored by the Integrated Media Arts MFA Program and the Department of Film and Media Studies at Hunter College, CUNY

DATE: April 4th and April 5th 2014

LOCATION: Hunter College, E 69th Street Between Park Ave and Lexington Ave, North Bldg. 5th Floor, Rm 540


The Hunter College Integrated Media Arts MFA program (IMA/MFA) is hosting a documentary “unconference.”  One of our main interests is in bringing together grad students from different programs, both theory and practice-based, and in linking the teaching of documentary with other contexts where the notion of documentary is developed, promulgated, extended, or reinforced.  

What makes this an unconference?  In general, the unconference was designed to facilitate participant-led workshops on the day of the conference. For us the unconference will have this self-curated aspect, although we’ll also do some specific curating for the conference.  We will be using this blogsite to help us develop the agenda and start the conversation.

Marginally embraced by museum culture and the art world, a stepchild of the film industry, documentary is making its own institutions, and growing in popularity. Whether it’s the artist as curator, the maker as teacher, or the student working with a community,  a burgeoning documentary culture finds its home in a variety of cultural spaces dedicated to documentary studies, production, distribution, and discussion.  The main objective of the Codes & Modes Unconference is to promote critical dialogue around how documentary culture is taught, how it is reproduced and what assumptions and possibilities lie in this terrain.

Calls for Panels, Workshops and Presentations

(Deadline: February 28th)

We are pleased to announce a call for presentations of work, of modes of production and distribution, of papers, panels and workshops on questions including, but not limited to, the topics listed below. We anticipate participants to include graduate students with a particular interest in documentary, faculty, and people in the media arts community who are interested in the future of documentary.

Documentary as Meta-Politics

Documentary as “Social” Media

The Documentarian as Ethical Celebrity

Documentary as Identity in the Age of “Flows”

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You are also welcome to read and dialogue on this GOOGLE DOC with other thoughts and ideas.