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Job Opportunity – Research Assistant for Spring 2014 Provost Office


The university is introducing learning portfolios as a means for students to reflect on their learning, connect their curricular and co-­‐curricular activities in meaningful ways, and consider thoughtful approaches to applying and continuing their education through employment and additional study.

In spring 2014, the university has selected a platform as the learning portfolio tool for the university – a version of WordPress that is protected within the institution’s secure verification system.

The use of learning portfolios across the institution varies widely, from two undergraduate programs that have embedded the use of this tool in their curriculum (Parsons and Drama) to divisions with single course offerings – some required – that introduce students to the tool (Mannes Undergraduate and Graduate; NSPE SUS; Jazz) to those divisions that have not considered yet how to integrate folio thinking into their students’ educational experience.

At this early stage, we want to begin developing resources for faculty and students to introduce them to the tool and consider how they can use it most effectively for their individual needs.

The work:

The Research Assistant will work with Adrienne Marcus, Assistant Provost for University Curriculum, Jim O’Connor, Director of Distributed and Global Education, and the University Learning Portfolio Working Group (which Adrienne and Jim lead) to develop initial resources that support the integration of learning portfolios across the university.

These resources may include, but are not limited to:

-­   Instructions for creating initial portfolios

-­   Best practice suggestions for using learning portfolios by both students and faculty

-­   Video tutorials for using WordPress

-­   Helping to coordinate logistics for 3-­‐4 faculty-­‐led workshops on technology and education

Background needed:

The work requires the Research Assistant have familiarity and comfort with WordPress, as well as a background in various pedagogical approaches that connect technology with learning. There will be time to do research that would be reflected in the resources developed.

Compensation/Work expectations:

$17.00 /hour

Up to 180 hours before June 30, 2014


Adrienne Marcus

Assistant Provost for University Curriculum

212-­‐229-­‐8947 x2281