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Eugene Thacker’s “And They Were Two In One and One In Two” Now Available

Faculty member Eugene Thacker’s co-edited  anthology of essays, And They Were Two In One and One In Two, is now available from Schism press. The anthology collects essays on horror cinema, decapitation, and the body politic, from an event originally held at The New School. Contributors include Alexander Galloway, Ed Keller, Alexi Kukuljevic, Nicola Masicandaro, Dominic Pettman, Gary J. Shipley, Eugene Thacker, Evan Calder Williams.

Eugene Thacker is an author, editor, and translator with a background in philosophy and literature.  His latest books include Excommunication: Three Inquiries in Media and Mediation, Dark Nights of the Universe, and Horror of Philosophy, vol. 1 – In The Dust Of This Planet. He teaches at The School of Media Studies at The New School.

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