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On Tuesday March 25th we will be bringing two of our award winning films from the 2014 20th anniversary editing of the Slamdance Film Festival to the New York City’s IFC Center.

The Filmmakers and Slamdance staff including fest co-founder Paul Rachman will all be on hand for Q and A’s after each screening.

So please come out and support true indie filmmaking and Slamdance.

Tickets are available here:

2014 Documentary Audience Award Winner

7PM – KIDNAPPED FOR CHRIST (Kate Logan, 86 min., USA) – American teenagers are taken from their homes in the middle of the night and shipped to an Evangelical reform school in The Dominican Republic. The school psychologically disorients them through culture shock and isolation, to re-build them into ideal Christian adults. One such student is David, who gets forcibly enrolled in the program after coming out to his parents. The struggles David’s community face to secure his freedom reveal how far the school will go to prevent its students from leaving.

Preceded by: MILK AND BLOOD (Markus Englmair, 11 min., USA/Iceland) – A lactose intolerant milk farmer takes revenge on his father after being wrongly accused for breaking the milk tank.

2014 Narrative Grand Jury Prize Winner

9PM – REZETA (Fernando Frias De La Parra, 83 min., Mexico) – Rezeta, a 21-year-old model born in Albania, arrives in Mexico City after living off of her beauty in many different countries. Soon she meets Alex, the guy in charge of cleaning her trailer during her first commercial gig in Mexico. Their friendship unfolds naturally, but after two failed attempts at dating stereotypical Mexican males Rezeta becomes romantically interested in Alex. This is the story of their complicated love.

Preceded by: PINK AND BABY BLUE (Catrin Hedstrom, USA, 6 min.) – A transgender woman decides between using the men’s restroom or the ladies’ restroom. Or rather, the men’s world or the women’s world.