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Travel Across the US for 3 Months of Summer Filming for

One Guitar. One Week. One Song.

The Acoustic Guitar Project chooses a city and gives a guitar and a handheld recorder to a local musician. That musician has one week to write an original song and record it live using only the equipment provided. They are not allowed to edit their song on the computer. When they are done, they sign the guitar and take a picture with it. Then, the guitar passes on to the next musician. When it reaches 10 musicians, there’s a concert in that city.

So far, I’ve started guitars in 5 cities over three different continents and nearly 100 originals songs have been written and recorded.


This April, I’m starting projects in nearly 40 cities globally and I plan on traveling the US in an RV to film up to 10 episodes for my web series for approximately three months beginning late April or early May. I have one cinematographer and sound guy already on board, and I’m looking for a DP (who’s great with lights) and a top notch video editor. Bonus if you have production skills as well.

There’s no pay, but all expenses will be paid.
I’ve already shot the TV pilot. I’m in the process of editing it. Here are few short clips:

If you’re interested, please send an email to and include Webseries in the subject.